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Baking Bread in a Dutch Oven

Many home bakers are continually striving to improve their bread, particularly the external appearance of the bread. (I will deal with the internal appearance or crumb in another blog) They want to their bread to look like those on instagram or in high street artisan bakeries; instagrammers have filters, professional bakers have steam ovens. Most [...]

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Communing With The Earth

Just before Christmas I was invited to Georgia, the tiny country sandwiched between Russia and Turkey, by my good friend Nathan Moss. He has been living there several years, has married a Georgian, and works at the famous Pheasant’s Tears restaurant and vineyard in the far east of the country. Knowing my passion for bread [...]

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Why Bread For Life?

I was very fortunate to grow up in rural Lincolnshire, where wheat fields stretch to the horizon. Fifty years ago I was free to roam a poetic countryside, always thrilled at nature’s bounty and even the giant combine harvesters. In the intervening years I have seen wheat fields get even larger, as the wheat gets [...]

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