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Our flour is a gift from our ancestors. We grow and mill using methods that our great grandparents would recognise.

Stage 1
Selecting grain

We are very fortunate to be able to grow a heritage wheat blend developed by John Letts of Heritage Harvest. John has been collecting ancient varieties of wheat from the UK and around the world for over 25 years. Our heritage landrace population contains over 50 different varieties which grow best without the use of agri- chemicals and fertilisers.So not only do we take care of the land, we also make super healthy and nutritious flour.

Fred plants our crops near Lewes in the South Downs National Park in the late autumn, and harvests the golden grain the following August. We do not have to buy new seed because, like our ancestors, we retain a portion of the harvest to re plant every year, which means the crop adapts to the local growing conditions.

Stage 2

Our grain is cleaned and dried on the farm then we take it to our local mill at Forest Row. On Tablehurst Bio-Dynamic Farm our Master Miller Jean Marc uses a traditional French stone mill to grind our flour. The grain is slowly milled which retains the essential wheat germ oil and all the essential vitamins and minerals. Then it is packed and delivered to our customers.